Vince Love

​and The Soul Cats

       GT Express' s  fans

Scott Boggs, a fan, wrote: "Great show!"


Kelli Anne, a fan, posted toGT Express Blues Band

“We had a great time yesterday and really enjoyed your performance; we drove up from Vero Beach and will be on the look out for when you play again. God Bless”


Sue Capille, a fan, wrote “So glad I got out to hear you at Steagles, Vince Love..I kept telling my friend from Pa. that he had to hear you guys....He wasn't disappointed. Great music”!


Will Spadafora, owner at Indiatlantic Sound Waves Studio, and fellow musician, wrote, “Great Drummer(JOAN Martins), and a Great Band (GT Express Band)”!


“Complication is  a necessity”, Vince Love


Bandleader and musician Kenny Micheals wrote, “Went out to see some friends tonight. GT Express Motown and Blues Band with Vince Callme Love, Joan Spencer Martins, French Fry and the gang, sounded really good, had the dance floor jumpin!


Sherry Baker Stanko, a fan,  wrote, July 8, 2013. “Had a wonderful time yesterday at The Sebastian Beach Inn with Vince Callme Love and The GT Express Blues Band. Thanks guys for playing this for me!!! Can't wait to see you next time”.


Deejay SKone wrote to ‎GT Express Blues Band after their performance February 16, 2014

“Really enjoyed myself The Old Fish House Bar and Grill yesterday afternoon.....”


Jack Clutterham, guitarist/ singer with The Time Machine Band, wrote on Feb 16, 2014 after visiting The Old Fish House in Grant for a GT Express performance 

Great energy - love the tunes. We had a great time and a real good meal. See ya next time!!


Liza Osborn Blakemore visiting from the Boston, Ma. area wrote on Feb 16,2014 

“Such a good nite. Ur band has great sound and fun!!”


Margaret Ugenti Boystak wrote on Feb.16th after a GT Express Performance at The Old Fish House in Grant, “Great music great fun!!!! Thanks GT Express!!!!”


Wayne Sherwood wrote, “You guys are amazing. I love Nat's singing! Vince... You Rock”


Lissa Knight of Spacecoast Live magazine  wrote “You guys(GT Express band) are awesome” !!! “Enjoyed the show  very much”


Sybil Gage, singer/songwriter/musician, wrote this about some Vince’callme’Love songs she listened to, “ You are a great songwriter with a very soulful delivery. This has crossover appeal. I like it very much”.



Dorothy Susan Lasiak, a fan,  said, and we quote, ”fun time good friends, good music, good band”.


D0rn Williamson, a huge fan of the band said on 3.8.2014, “ok i danced for about 3 hrs to GT Express! It was a lot of fun! A bunch of different people were in Squid Lips tonight! Good Food...Good Drink...Good Dance. I'm there for Good Friends...Good Evening...Good Dance”!


Sybil Gage, singer, band leader, recording artist, and producer wrote,  "You are keeping it alive Vince. You and the GT Express Band are smokin'. Thanks for inviting me to come up and sing a couple of tunes with you.  Sure was a fun afternoon."


Judy Tatum Lane wrote,” YOU GUYS (GT Express Band” ARE GREAT”!!!!!!!!!!!!


Musician Thomas Brian Tritt, of ‘The Country classics Band’ wrote, ”caught these guys (GT Express Motown and Blues Band) at ‘Lou's Blues Upstairs’ Saturday after my gig....killer band”.


Paul Anderso, a fan wrote, “We will be seeing you again! You were my highlight of the day today for Jerry at Squid Lips!"


Tony Dickens wrote, ” Wow. Y'all are for real. GT Express is the best blues band EVER. You sing from the heart. You get my vote. Can't wait to see GT Express again. Def the best band of the festival”. “ Best band of the art festival( Melbourne, Fl. 2014). Y'all sing it right and lay down the groove. Great job” !!

Lara Coffey, a fan, wrote “I LOVE THIS BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Glad I got a chance to hear you guys love the energy and music” !!!!!! Regards Dougie the mad Scotsman


Rick Wykoff of Vero Beach Downtown Friday fest organizer wrote, “What a great show last night at Downtown Friday! Thanks to our own Ricky Snell Sr. and his band mates from GT Express. You guys brought the house down! Let's not forget Gunnar Flinchum who played the band breaks so excellent. Just a great night for music fun and food. Thank you all for coming out and supporting Main Street Vero Beach and our monthly Downtown Friday events!”


Cathy Bucklin wrote on 6.13.2014  “Had a blast with you guys at Squid Lips”


Lori Childers wrote on 6.21.2014, ‘L”enny and I had so much Fun dancing to your awesome band at Steagles last night! Thank you for the great time”!



Mimucha Anderson posted on GT Express Motown and Blues Band's timeline 7.6.2014

"You guys and Gal are FANTASTIC....watched you at Lou's Blues Upstairs tonite."