Below is a list of some of the blues songs and others we perform live.......

Vince Love 

​and The Soul Cats

Some of the blue songs we perform;

1. All my life .1. I had it so hard   A7             Sunnyland Slim 
2. Roadrunner  E7      Bo Diddley      
3. You don’t know what love is   Gm      Fenton Robinson  
4. Come on in this house  B7          Byther Smith   
5. Don’t stay out all night long     D7      Billy Boy Arnold  
6. You went away baby    A7      Carey Bell    
7. I’ll play the blues for you     Gm-Cm     bridge   Bb-Dm-Dbm-Cm   
8. Hoochie choocie man      A7  Muddy Waters
9. Why you want to hurt me     Bb      Mighty Joe Young 
10. Baby what you want me to do (let it roll)   A7  Kingpins
11. Somebody loan me a dime    Bb    bridge  Fenton Robinson 
12. Rocky mountains        E7           Clarence Edwards  
13. Hoodoo man blues         A7       Buddy Guy; Junior Wells 
14. Hold that train        B7           Byther Smith        
15. I got a mind to travel     D7              Luther ‘Guitar’ Junior  
16. Soft and Mellow Stella          A7          Sunnyland Slim  
17. Blue light        Am           Les Wilson   
18. The thrill is gone          Cm              Luther Allison 
19. Tell me how you like it baby              Byther Smith  
20. Hi heel sneakers              Tommy Tucker  
21. Red House         A        Hendrix        
22. Sweet Little Angel                      B.B. King   
23. Gambler’s Blues      Db         B.B. King     
24. Mannish Boy       G      Muddy Waters     
25. Born under a bad sign        Db7   
26. The thrill is gone       Bm  
27. Smoking gun      Em     
28. Down home blues   G7       
29. Every day I have the blues    E7  
30. Mojo    E7        
31. Further on up the road     F7
32. Sweet home Chicago            C7
33. Kansas City       G7
34. Unchain my heart     Am
35. Paying the cost to be the boss      Bb
36. It hurts me too    E
37. Neighbor neighbor      A7
38. Annie get your yo yo     B7
39. Dust my broom      D

We also perform countless other blues and variety songs, and songs with a female singer as well, etc

1. Stand by me   G
2. Beginnings Amaj7
3. Let’s stay together   F
4. You can do magic   Em
5. Toredown    C
6. Stir it up    A
7. What does it take    F
8. I’ll be around     F
 9. Easy    A
10. Light my fire    Am
11. Gypsy woman   Abm 
12. No woman no cry   C
13. Make it with you   E maj7
14. Somewhere with you  Dbm7   
15. What you won’t do   Db maj7
16. Rainy night in Georgia      Dmaj7
17. Ventura highway    D maj7
18. Don’t let me be lonely     D maj7
19. Beautiful    B maj7
20. Sitting on the dock of the bay    G
21. Too late to turn back now     Gmaj7
22. Find your way back    A
23. Waiting in vain    Ab maj7
24. Ain’t no sunshine     A min
25. It’s the same old song  C Dm F G   chorus  C G Dm F G
26. Horse with no name     E
27. Send for me    G maj7
28. My girl   C    
29. Tin man      Gmaj7
30. Be thankful (diamond in the back)    F#m7-Em7
31. Early morning rain     G
32. Black magic woman     Dm
33. Mojo       E7
34. Do me baby       Eb
35. Into the mystic       D
36. In the midnight hour     E     intro D-B-A-G
37. Mustang Sally     C
38. When a man loves a woman    C
39. Georgia      G
40. Bobcaygeon      G

41. One way out    A
42. Proud Mary     D
43. Just my imagination    Bb
44. Morning sunshine    E
45. Feelin’ alright      C7- F7
46. Show and tell     G maj7
47. Further on up the road      D7
48. I can’t help myself    C-G-Dmin-F-G-A
49. Fever       F  bridge    Eb9-D9-C#9-C9
50. Buffalo soldier    A7
51. Wagon Wheel    A 
52. Drift away( give me the beat boys)    B
53. Love won’t let me wait     A
54. Sundown     F#
55. Natural mystic       Am 
56. Lean on me      C
57. The poor side of town     E
58. Miss you      Am
59. Smoking Gun          Em
60. Let your love fly away    E Maj7   
61. I’m your puppet   Bb-Cm-Dm-Cm  bridge Dm-Eb-Dm-Eb-F2xs Bridge 2 (F-Eb-Dm-Cm2xs)-F
62. Redemption Song    G
63. I shot the sheriff     F#m
64. Since I lost my baby    D
65. All of me    Ab        (a John Legend song)
66. I can see clearly now    D-G-D-G-A        turn C – G bridge  F-C F-A-Ab-                                       G-Ab-G-Bm-A
67. Soul shakedown party      C-Bb
68. Use me     E7-A7
69. Ain’t too proud to beg     C-F   turn around G
70. Somewhere over the rainbow    G or C
71. Lonely nights  Dbm – A – B
72. Love and happiness     Ab
73. Feel so close     Am
74. Sarah smile    Dm7