Vince Love Acoustic is perfect for any establishment that wants live music with a softer touch. Vince makes sure patrons can converse and still enjoy each other's company while listening to his soulful sounds. Vince always dresses nice and keeps his performances clean. Vince is very family friendly.

His music is excellent for private parties at residences or wherever you want to celebrate that special someone's joyous occasion.

So whether you want a single singer/acoustic guitarist or a duo with another singer(female) or sax, or a full trio with drums and bass or a rocking four piece with sax or for a really good time a full five piece band with an additional singer, we have what you need. We will keep your guest dancing the night away.

All sound reinforcement equipment is supplied with state of the art equipment.

Available for weddings, parties, receptions, promotions, wedding proposals that get you the yessssssssss you're looking for.

Contact us on this site for stunning results.

​Vince Love

'Class Act Acoustic'

Vince's musical partner, Lady Tandy singing Summer time. She can be hired along with Vince to really enhance the experience  of 'Class Act Acoustic' by Vince Love.